Thrawns Elite is a german and english spoken SWGoH Guild.


1. Be Active: If possible, participate in the daily Guild activities. Only through those activities are the important Raid-Tickets being generated. Maximum participation in acquiring Raid-Tickets allows us to launch Raids as fast as possible.

  • Monday: Use energy for Light Side battles
    • TIP: Light Side and Dark Side battles are where you get the most bang for your buck as far as refreshing energy with Gems
  • Tuesday: Use any energy type on any fights
  • Wednesday: Use energy for Hard battles (Light and Dark side)
    • TIP: Light Side and Dark Side battles are where you get the most bang for your buck as far as refreshing energy with Gems
  • Thursday: Daily Challenges: Save all the daily challenges until 18:30 including the ship challenges! → 20 possible Challenges
  • Friday: Use energy for Dark Side battles
    • TIP: Light Side and Dark Side battles are where you get the most bang for your buck as far as refreshing energy with Gems
  • Saturday: PvP in Arena: Save all Arena attempts until 18:30 (does not include Ship Arena)
    • (If you are short on time just start and retreat. This method also counts as attempts → 10 sec max per fight. 10 possible attempts)
  • Sunday: Use energy for Cantina battles
    • (At 12:00 you get Bonus Cantina energy. Save this until 18:30 for Maximum Output)

Remember – The times 18:30/12:00 always apply Winter time. During Summer time, the times change to 19:30/13:00 due to Daylight Savings Time.

2. Absence: For extended absences (2+ days), please let us know in the Chat

3. Chat: Reading the in-game Chat and your messages in your personal mailbox is your responsibility! In addition, the Guild has a Discord Channel and a TS3-Server. From time to time you should also check the official Forum for News and summaries (e.g. YouTube). We recommend “Mobile Gamer” and “AhnaldT101”.

SWGoH is a Team-Game. It is not about Individuals but about the Team – the Guild. Individually you rock but only as a team we stand Strong!!

4. Raids:

  • Rancor: 24h Rule. Raids will only be started if the Raid Tickets are at about 90,000 and always start at 20:00 MET. Raid duration: 10-25 mins

    (During the first 24hr, NO DAMAGE = 0.0 DAMAGE. Since the duration is so short, many members will miss out on the opportunity to place in the Raid. This would result in missing out on the acquisition of valuable resources. In order to avoid that, we established a 24-hour registration phase. To register send in ONE single character and deal NO DAMAGE. Select one of your weakest characters (preferably one that doesn’t counter) and ignore the warning at the beginning, hit one of the guards and lose. Through that you will be registered for the Raid and will still get a reward if you miss out on the actual attack phase.)
  • AAT: Same rules as in the Rancor Raid apply. Raid duration: Approximately 1-3h
  • Sith: As soon as enough points are available for the Heroic T7 variant, this raid is always started exactly at 20:00 MET. Damage can be done here immediately! Pay attention to suitable teams!!

Participation in raids is mandatory, that means at least be registered so that you get the rewards and can improve your characters. This doesn’t only help you, but it also helps the whole Guild!

It is important to understand: Raids start at 20:00 → 20:00:00. That means no damage is to be made before that and you should only to inflict damage after 20:00. We take that rule VERY seriously, violation leads to expulsion!

5. Territory Battles (TB):

  • Hoth- Light Side: The Commanding Officer prioritizes the targets which must be pursued. If you have different thoughts on the prioritization of targets, please ask in the chat.

    As a rule of thumb: The priority is to fill up the Platoon-Missions and if able, attempt the battles resulting in the attainment of character shards.
  • Hoth- Dark Side: Same rules as Light Side

Participation in Territory Battles is mandatory! It is also your responsibility to farm Characters which are needed for battles with a character shard reward in TB

6. Guild Wars:

  • Jakku: Every area will have a specific assignment for setting up the defense. When we reconstruct the tactics, it can change from fight to fight. Therefore: READ the assignment before applying your troops!

Participation is NOT mandatory though the least amount of participating members is 25. If you want to receive the rewards, please join. HOWEVER: if you are assigned, you MUST be an active participant. For special requests like only offense or only defense please contact the Commanding Officer!

Remember: Communication is Key

If Questions come up, don’t hesitate and ask in the aforementioned Communication tools!

Equally important is a decent dialogue with one another.

Respect the rules and we will have a lot of fun together!

7. Rules of admittance:

  • Minimum galactic power: 2.5 million
  • Minimum 40 7-star characters on lvl 85
  • Jedi Training Rey or at least toons for the JTR event
  • At least 2 fully developed command ships and suitable ships

Becoming a Member

If you can live by those rules and decide to fight alongside us and enslave the whole Galaxy, get in touch with us!

Your Contacts:

Guild Leader:
Responsible for Raids


Responsible for TB
light & dark side

Responsible for all english
spoken members

Responsible for GW

Responsible for all german
spoken members

Responsible for
member recruitment

Thrawns Elite is looking forward to embarking on this epic journey to conquer the Galaxy with you!

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